Micro Oil Valve Custom Spring Inside Tap High Precision CNC Machining

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The custom spring inner tap of the miniature oil valve is a key component manufactured by a high-precision CNC machining process. This inner tap is widely used in micro oil valves to control the opening and closing of oil valves and precisely control liquid flow and pressure.

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CNC Machining or Not Cnc Machining Size  3mm~10mm
Material Capabilities Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless steel, Steel Alloys Color  SLIVER
Type Broaching, DRILLING, Etching / Chemical Machining, Laser Machining, Milling, Other Machining Services, Turning, Wire EDM, Rapid Prototyping Materials Avaliable Aluminum Stainless Plastic Metals Copper
Micro Machining or Not Micro Machining Surface treatment  Painting
Model Number Aluminum cs125 OEM/ODM Accecpted
Brand Name  OEM Certification ISO9001:2015
Processing Type Stamping Milling Turning Machining Casting Processing Type  CNC Processing Center
Packing Poly Bag + Inner Box + Carton Material  Titanium aluminium
Lead time:The amount of time from order placement to dispatch Quantity (pieces) 1-500 501-1000 1001-10000 > 1000
Lead time (days) 5 7 17 To be negotiated

Product Details

1. Manufacturing process of high-precision CNC machining

The internal tap adopts high-precision CNC machining manufacturing process to ensure its highly accurate size and surface quality. CNC machining technology utilizes advanced CNC machine tools and CAD/CAM software to guide the machine tool for automatic machining through pre-programmed codes, making the machining process of inner taps more stable and efficient, and can achieve high-precision machining requirements.

2. High hardness and wear-resistant material

The material of the spring inner tap is usually selected from high hardness and wear-resistant materials, such as tool steel or stainless steel, to ensure its service life and stability. In the process of CNC machining, by selecting appropriate tools and process parameters, the smoothness and flatness of the surface of the inner tap can be ensured, as well as the accuracy control of key dimensions such as the diameter, inclination and pitch of the tap.

3. Precise liquid flow and pressure control

The high-precision machining of the custom spring inner tap of the miniature oil valve can provide more precise liquid flow and pressure control while ensuring the valve sealing performance. This precision internal tap is suitable for various fields that require high-precision liquid control, such as medical equipment, precision instruments, aerospace, etc.

In short, the high-precision CNC machining process of the custom spring inner tap of the miniature oil valve can realize the accurate control of the size and accuracy of the inner tap, and provide a reliable guarantee for the flow and pressure control of the miniature oil valve. Through the application of advanced CNC machining technology, the inner tap can meet the high requirements of different fields and improve the performance and reliability of the equipment.

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